3 Goals for 2015

On Solstice Day last month, I conjured up a set of 3 personal goals:

  • Hike to Seattle and back
  • Climb the Burj Khalifa thirty times
  • Lose three stone

My son Dewald asked if I planned to travel to Dubai and do all the climbing in one session. I smiled at his innocent question and literal interpretation. No, I’m not planning on actually climbing the Burj Khalifa thirty times, though it would be cool to do it once! However, I do plan on climbing the equivalent of thirty Burj Khalifas in 2015 and to hike a distance that is equivalent to hiking from San Francisco to Seattle and back. And I do hope that, in the process, I would lose the equivalent of three stone.

seattleHiking to Seattle and back is a distance of 2,607 kilometers (1,620 miles), which is equivalent to taking 3,421,441 steps. Some quick math shows that I’d have to average 9,374 steps per day, which is a challenge for someone who sits in front of a computer most of the day… that’s 7.14 kilometers (4.44 miles) per day!


The Burj Khalifa, which opened for business exactly five years ago today, is the world’s tallest building at 829.8 meters or 163 floors. To climb it thirty times would mean climbing a total of 4,890 floors, or an average of 13.4 floors per day. Of the three goals, I think this one should be the easiest to carry out – I work on the second floor of Pixar’s Steve Job’s building, so if I choose to visit the downstairs restroom, that would take care of several floors a day. Lunch, meetings, and a couple of hikes on Pixar’s campus should take care of the rest. On weekends, I could easily make up any shortfall, since our house is at the top of a rather steep access road. Hiking down and back up again would take care of two days worth of floors!


Losing three stone is equivalent to losing 19.05 kg (or 42 pounds). I think this goal would be the hardest to complete. I’ve lost about 10 kg in dribs and drabs over the past two years and I feel it is time to crank up the effort and lose the rest that would put me at a more ideal weight. I’m particularly interested in reducing my body mass index to a more healthy level. There is no doubt in my mind that this goal is the most important of my ambitious tripartite goals for 2015. My goal weight would transform me back to where I was when Dewald was born.

To help measure my progress, I bought a Fitbit Charge to track steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes. I’m hoping to sync stats automatically to this blog on a weekly basis. Over the course of the year, I’ll translate the stats into visual representations of my progress. Wish me luck!

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  1. To muse or not to muse in words or bricks or just remembrance – that’s the (a)musement for my eightieth would be. Love, Dad.

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