Simon Christen’s ADRIFT

Simon Christen is an animator at Pixar. He’s worked on Toy Story 3 and Monsters University, and many other animated features. But Simon is also a brilliant photographer. And he’s combined his love for animation, photography, hiking, and nature to create some of the most amazing time-lapse short films I’ve seen. You can check out his photographs on his website at

Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

Randy Pausch was a virtual reality pioneer and co-founder of CMU‘s Entertainment Technology Center. He created Alice, a 3D programming environment that serves as a teaching tool for introductory computing. His famous last lecture, on achieving your childhood dreams, has been viewed by millions. I find it incredibly inspirational.

See Gabriel Robins’ The Legacy of Randy Pausch, a compilation of other video lectures given by Randy Pausch.

The Inspirational Steve Jobs

This past Wednesday, Steve Jobs resigned as Apple CEO. He is a remarkable person and was instrumental in creating the company I work for, Pixar. Below is Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address, which I find incredibly inspirational:

The Wall Street Journal published the text of his commencement address.

Khan Academy

I am astonished by what Salmon Kahn is creating. This will surely revolutionize education around the world! Here’s a video of Salman Khan talking at TED 2011 (from

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Inspired Bicycles

Skill is in his name – and he’s living up to it! See Danny MacAskill’s performance…