La Luna nominated for Oscar!

Today, Pixar’s latest animated short film, La Luna, was included in the list of 5 nominees for the Best Animated Short category. Enrico Casarosa directed La Luna, and I was privileged to have worked with Enrico as the Effects Supervisor. We’re very excited and keeping our fingers crossed for Feb 26th!

La Luna nominated for Oscar!
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Conrad – Junie 1991

Hieronder volg ‘n herkoutjie, my vertaling vir ‘n musing. Ek het dit in 1991 geskryf na die geboorte van ons tweede seun.


Ek hou ‘n stukkie van my seuntjie tussen my duim en wysvinger vas. Dis so groot soos ‘n papajapit. Omtrent net so sag ook. Een helfte is half deursigtig; die ander is pienk-wit…

Saterdagoggend, 8 Junie 1991, vieruur. Ronél maak my wakker met ‘n dringende stem. Min slaap vir té lank laat my droomloos en diep slaap, maar ek is dié keer dadelik wakker. Haar water het gebreek en ons verwagteling is oppad. Anders as met Nicolas was daar éérs kontraksies gewees – so sedert middernag.

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Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

Randy Pausch was a virtual reality pioneer and co-founder of CMU‘s Entertainment Technology Center. He created Alice, a 3D programming environment that serves as a teaching tool for introductory computing. His famous last lecture, on achieving your childhood dreams, has been viewed by millions. I find it incredibly inspirational.

See Gabriel Robins’ The Legacy of Randy Pausch, a compilation of other video lectures given by Randy Pausch.


Early in 1988 I attended a conference where Steve Jobs was the keynote speaker. He screened two 16mm films created by Pixar: Luxo Jr and Red’s Dream. It blew me away. I always dreamed about using computers to do animation, and here was a company that had successfully created two computer-animated films! Afterwards, I joined a group of conference attendees to chat with Steve. He was smartly dressed in a designer suit (yes!) and answered our questions very courteously. That day was the first time I took notice of Pixar. In my wildest dreams, I couldn’t have imagined that I would be working for Pixar some day.

Pixar's eulogy to Steve Jobs

La Luna Early Review

Jerrod Maruyama posted an early, spoiler-free review of La Luna.

More than any other Pixar short, La Luna feels like a personal vision. It feels familiar but not derivative. It’s funny but not comedic. It’s heartfelt but not schmaltzy. This type of poetic storytelling is something we don’t get to see much of in American mainstream animation. It’s a visually stunning piece that takes its time and isn’t burdened with a busy story line and visual gags.

The Inspirational Steve Jobs

This past Wednesday, Steve Jobs resigned as Apple CEO. He is a remarkable person and was instrumental in creating the company I work for, Pixar. Below is Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address, which I find incredibly inspirational:

The Wall Street Journal published the text of his commencement address.

Khan Academy

I am astonished by what Salmon Kahn is creating. This will surely revolutionize education around the world! Here’s a video of Salman Khan talking at TED 2011 (from

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